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    Finding A New Therapist

    Finding a new therapist is a lot like being thrown into the dating pool after a divorce. It’s scary, awkward, filled with a level of uncertainty and a lot of work. Walking into my…

  • Therapy + Medication

    Dumped By My Therapist

    I was dumped by my therapist. I’ve been struggling with crippling anxiety for months now, constantly obsessing and worrying about everything. Dying prematurely, house fires, head on collisions, my dead abuser coming back for…

  • Anxiety Therapy + Medication

    Losing Sleep

    I haven’t had a good night’s rest in months. I lay awake at night, the minutes ticking by, obsessing over outlandish scenarios and things I can’t control. Like cougars attacking my daughter while she…

  • Therapy + Medication

    Switching Things Up

    Just when I thought I’d found the perfect medicinal cocktail to manage my Bipolar, depression and PTSD symptoms, my psychiatric nurse practitioner is switching things up. My prolactin levels are high and the risperidone…