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  • Depression

    Shadows and Darkness

    I’m not myself these days. I feel like I’ve been split into two equal parts Buy Nolvadex UK , each separated by a single pane of glass. On one side there’s heartache and grief,…

  • Depression

    I’m Not Who I Used To Be

    I used to be thin, outgoing, happy. I wore my heart on my sleeve. I never shied away from putting myself out there Buy Cialis Professional UK , never shrinking from the spotlight. I…

  • Depression


    I’ve been struggling lately, unsure of my life’s direction and purpose. Having left the workforce following a suicide attempt four years ago, I’ve been feeling a little lost and like I have nothing of…

  • Depression


    Some days I just need to stop and take stock of the little things that make my heart happy. To remind myself that it’s not all bad. To be grateful, despite the weight of…