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Dumped By My Therapist

I was dumped by my therapist.

I’ve been struggling with crippling anxiety for months now, constantly obsessing and worrying about everything. Dying prematurely, house fires, head-on collisions, my dead abuser coming back for me, my kids returning to school during a pandemic. The list goes on.

I knew that I couldn’t continue to live this way so I reached out to my therapist who I hadn’t seen in 6 months. She informed me that she’s no longer taking new patients and going in a different direction with her practice, counseling adventure athletes who’ve been in traumatic accidents. I’m not a new patient, but I hadn’t been to see her in months so she treated me like one.

I’m not going to lie, it hurt. I was extremely disappointed. We had worked together for 3 years. I credit her for helping me unpack, process and work through my trauma. I wouldn’t be alive today without her help, so being dumped by her was disappointing.

Finding a new therapist is going to be difficult. Cultivating a working relationship and building trust with someone new is a really daunting task. No one wants to start over or dig up the trauma they’ve buried, but if we want to heal we must.

Because the truth is healing is possible. A life without crippling fear is possible and I want it so bad.

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